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What a year for awards!


What a year we have had with our products at these awards:

We entered three products into each of the following awards:

The Great Taste Awards, Taste of the West Awards and Food Drink Devon Awards.

These range from National/International to the fantastic local produce which Devon provides.

Great Taste 3* – Shoulder of Lleyn Hogget

Great Taste 1* -Salt Beef (Silverside)

Taste of the West -Gold – Shoulder of Lleyn Hogget

Taste of the West- Gold – Dexter x Devon Rib Eye Steak

Taste of the West- Highly Commended-Gloucester Old Spot Sausages

Food Drink Devon -Gold- Shoulder of Lleyn Hogget

Food Drink Devon -Gold- Dexter x Devon Rib Eye Steak

Food Drink Devon- Gold- Gloucester Old Spot Tenderloin

So proud of our achievements as we are only a small family farm and we produce and process it all ourselves.










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Great Taste Awards

We are delighted to announce that at this years awards we received 3 stars for our ‘Shoulder of Lleyn Hogget’ and a 1 star for a Silverside salt beef.

There were over 12,000 entries and less than 3% receive a 3 star, so very happy!!

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What a winter!

Well we survived! that’s about it. Never want to experience such a wet and then cold winter again.

Still we made it through.We have since finished lambing, the crops have had fertiliser on, to help with growth, the Spring Barley is in ,the cows are out and the fields rolled.

In fact ,for the first time since November I feel there is an element of control, how long it will last?


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Nearly February!

What a month it has been. It has been so wet ,the track to the sheep fields has looked like this many a time. It makes the days very long and hard.

On the plus side we have scanned the ewes ,with one group of my older girls scanning out at 200%,so couldn’t ask any more from them, the other group were 178%.

We have put in a new yard on which to sort them out and it makes life so much easier.

Hoping February will bring some sun!

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New Packaging for 2018


In an effort to help reduce unwanted packaging,

we have now started packing our sausages in biodegradable and compostable trays. While it will not solve the world’s problems ,we do hope that our contribution will help. We are also looking into alternative packaging, for our mail order boxes.

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Mid summer -not!

As I write this, the lanes are awash but fortunately not as bad as poor old Coverack and the sheep have taken to the hedges. Luckily for them the hedges are very thick at the moment as they are full of leaves.

Lambing which started 1st April ran on until 4th May, there were two ewes who held on to the very very last moment. Lambing went very well and our losses were minimal with  big and strong and the ewes milky, combined with plenty of grass and sunshine, it was the perfect start for them.

Since then the ewes have been shorn and the lambs are looking really well.

We have recently got a new puppy called Pip, who even though she is only 13 weeks old shows such instinct. Yesterday, she gathered the shearling ewes up to the gate(without my consent!) and then held them up in the gateway, in a very professional and mature manner.



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Countdown to lambing

Well although we have five weeks to go, it will be here too soon. The ewes expecting triplets are delighted to be receiving VIP treatment, a trough full of sheep nuts and bucket full of yummy minerals. The ewes expecting twins will start to receive extra feed next week and the singles, tough, they will just get grass/silage.

We have just weaned off 16 calves from their mothers, a noisy affair for a few days but the cows looked relieved not to be feeding big calves, when they will be expecting another soon. Our eldest cow Heidi, will be 19 in May and is very proud of her calf, born on Friday 13th January. She is very much looking forward to being outside on grass.



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January 2017 – The latest from our family farm

What a difference a year makes!

Last winter was so tough for the animals and for us trying to look after them. It was so ,so wet. This year has been kind, the fields are dry (ish) and the grass has been growing.

Heidi our oldest cow, who will be 19 in May, had a little girl on Friday 13th. She is now going into retirement.

The sheep have been scanned, though the numbers due are disappointing. There are several factors which may cause this, trying to establish which one is not so easy. At least we won’t have 44 on the bottle ,like we did last year.

Winston, our pet pig, has now become the proud father of several piglets, having decided to keep him as our ‘stud ‘boar.


It is always so lovely to receive emails such as the one below, from a happy Christmas order customer.


”We would just like to say that the pork and beef we received was absolutely fantastic. We cooked the beef on the barbeque and ate it for days afterwards-the flavours were amazing. The pork gave such lovely crackling and was soooo tasty. The best buy this Christmas. Thank you so much for producing what must be very happy animals and to give us such fantastic tasting meat”


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Healthy start to the New Year

If you are looking for some healthy meals this year, then why not try some of our lean Dexter x Devon minced beef, perfect for your Chilli Con Carne or  Spaghetti Bolognaise. People are amazed how little fat comes out of it, when it is being cooked. It is very well trimmed but the trimmings are not wasted, as they are used to make fat cakes for the birds.

Other lean cuts of meat, include pork tenderloin, fillet steak, rump and sirloin steak. If you enjoy lamb, then our lamb legs steaks have no fat on them.

We have plenty of cuts to chose from and if they are a fattier type of cut, then we can remove any excess fat for you.

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Christmas orders

Well, here we are a month to go!!! Not too late to order a wonderful Gloucester Old Spot Gammon, perfect for entertaining guests at short notice. Dexter cross Devon Ribs of Beef, Topsides and Silversides all a great choice to feed your friends and family. Not forgetting chipolata’s and streaky bacon! Please call me or email to place your order. We can cut to your individual requirements and can deliver on a day to suit you, with a pre 12 delivery.

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