Delivery and FAQs

Mail Order Delivery

Meat is cut to order on a weekly basis, with a selection of products produced each week. Most orders can be supplied within a week of ordering, however, larger orders, such as half pig or whole lamb may take longer. If you phone or e-mail the farm we will be able to give you an indication of how long special orders might take.

All deliveries are sent by next-day (before noon) courier to ensure that the meat arrives with you in the best possible condition. Joints and chops are individually vacuum packed and the order is sent in a polystyrene box with bubble wrap and ice trays to keep the meat cool. Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to agree a date for delivery and to take your credit card details.

All standard meat boxes and all orders over £100 come with free next-day delivery to mainland U.K. addresses. For all other orders for mainland U.K. addresses, delivery is a a flat-rate charge of £12.50.


Can I collect my order directly from the farm?

If you live near to the farm and would like to collect your meat yourself, please mention this when you order. Collecting your meat from the farm gives you greater flexibility, as you can specify whether meat is vacuum-packed or bagged and whether you pay by credit card, cash or cheque. Collection also gives you the advantage of being able to see your meat before you buy and make last-minute decisions about how it is cut. Because we don’t have to pay for delivery, we are also able to offer you a discount on the mail-order prices.

I live close to the farm, is it really necessary to send my order by overnight courier?

For deliveries to addresses within 15 miles of the farm, we will deliver your order ourselves on the same day as the meat is cut. This is free of charge on all standard meat boxes, and on all other orders over £50.


Can I get Lovaton meat if I don’t live on the U.K. mainland?

With next day delivery, there is no reason for our insulated meat boxes not to be sent outside the U.K. With larger distances and more complicated journeys, however, it is sometimes necessary for our couriers to add a surcharge. If this is the case then we will let you know when you order how much this surcharge is likely to be.

Where else can I get Lovaton meat?

Lovaton Farm produce can also be bought in a selection of shops in the Okehampton area. Because of the arrangements we have with local shopkeepers, the prices in these stores will often be lower then the prices quoted on this website. Specific cuts can also be requested through these stores.

The Stores – South Zeal
Spar – North Tawton
Spar – Mole Avon
Whitehouse Services
Spreyton Village Shop
‘The Burrow’ – Exbourne
Costcutter – Okehampton
Budgens – BP Garage, Okehampton
The Store – Sticklepath
Checkers – Cheriton Bishop
Tedburn St Mary – Village Shop

Why are Lovaton prices cheaper than some other Devon farms?

It can be tempting to think that the more you pay for something, the better it is. This isn’t always the case, however. Because Lovaton Farm is a small, family-run business, we don’t have the high overhead costs associated with employing lots of staff. We also don’t spend much money on advertising, relying instead on word-of-mouth recommendations from our customers. This means that we are able to pass these savings onto our customers, making our prices extremely competitive.

Why should I buy meat directly, when supermarket meat is so cheap and so convenient?

When comparing prices between a producer and the supermarket, its important to make sure that you are comparing like for like. Lovaton Farm produce is all free-range and traditionally reared, so it will cost more than meat which has been mass produced for the supermarket.

Identification of carcasses is essential for tracing meat.

Celebrity Chefs like Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have done a great deal to raise public awareness about the problems of intensive farming methods and the benefits of eating slowly-reared, free-range, well-hung meat. By buying directly from the farm, you can have complete confidence in the meat you buy, as you can see every stage of production for yourself.

In addition to the peace of mind you get from buying direct, you will also find that when you look at supermarket prices for free-range West Country beef, lamb and pork, Lovaton prices are surprisingly competitive.

Is it worth paying more for free-range meat?

All meat that is produced in Britain is required to meet the minimum welfare standards set by British law. Although these standards may be higher than some of our European neighbours, the minimum welfare standards are still quite low, with animals confined indoors for most of the lives and without the opportunity to express their natural behaviours, such as nesting, rooting, grazing, and exercising.

Producers of free-range meat need to meet much higher welfare standards. The animals at Lovaton Farm are free to roam in the fields for most of the year, and are housed in cosy straw-filled sheds in winter, making them contented, and able to express their natural behaviours.

Ensuring you buy British meat may mean that you are supporting the minimum standards of animal welfare, but buying British free-range meat means animals have a fuller and more natural life.

If that wasn’t enough of a reason, then what about how it tastes? Meat from rare-breed animals that have grown slowly and fed naturally is succulent and delicious, and it also fills you up more then intensively farmed meat, so you don’t need as much.


I need meat urgently, can you help?

The farm and butchery have a weekly rhythm where we usually cut and pack the meat on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, allowing your order to be with you in time for the weekend. If, however, you need a specific item in a hurry, and we have it hanging in our cold-room, then we should be able to help you out. Please telephone the farm or Jane’s mobile to check availability. We may also need to add a small surcharge of no more than 10% to last-minute orders.