Mid summer -not!

As I write this, the lanes are awash but fortunately not as bad as poor old Coverack and the sheep have taken to the hedges. Luckily for them the hedges are very thick at the moment as they are full of leaves.

Lambing which started 1st April ran on until 4th May, there were two ewes who held on to the very very last moment. Lambing went very well and our losses were minimal with  big and strong and the ewes milky, combined with plenty of grass and sunshine, it was the perfect start for them.

Since then the ewes have been shorn and the lambs are looking really well.

We have recently got a new puppy called Pip, who even though she is only 13 weeks old shows such instinct. Yesterday, she gathered the shearling ewes up to the gate(without my consent!) and then held them up in the gateway, in a very professional and mature manner.



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